We're as ambitious for our client's organisations as they are. By connecting people through crafted visuals and messaging we amplify impact to affect positive actions. 

Who we are

Founded in 2010 by seasoned agency designers; Craig and Julian learnt their craft within some of London's most renowned design agencies; as Elbow we combine high-end experience with a friendly, open-minded approach, bringing big agency thinking and creativity within reach of smaller organisations.

Elbow started as a small outfit and deliberately remains so building long-lasting and collaborative networks of specialists who help deliver for our clients.


Who we work with

We collaborate with marketing teams, entrepreneurs and ambitious business owners whose values align with our own.  Our clients include not-profit-organisations, social enterprises, local and national government, and purpose-led businesses.

Most of our clients have been with us for years and they know we've got their back through thick or thin. It might be a chat to flesh out a thought, a helping hand in a crisis, a last-minute requirement, a challenging budget, or simply tea and cake.  After all, 90% of our clients found us via a referral and it really does pay to be helpful. 

What we offer

+ Brand Strategy
+ Brand Identity
+ Copywriting
+ Design for Print
+ Digital Design

+ Campaigns
+ Publications
+ Packaging
+ Website Design
+ Photography

How we work

Our process is straightforward, we listen, gather information, think, create, and deliver with impact. There's a little more to it but that's defined at the outset of new projects.

Our approach to client relationships is simple too, we collaborate. Before we can start transforming we first have to understand the challenge so dialogue is key. Furthermore, we like to fully involve our clients in our open process; that might be at the initial ideas stage to ensure we are all on board and travelling in the right direction, a workshop to define values or perhaps an impromptu meet-up to brainstorm thoughts.

Ethical working,
time for change

We are proud to have provided pro-bono services to over 10 Not-for-Profit organisations since we opened our doors in 2010. We believe we can go further.

'Further' means reducing our impact on the environment, we are actively working to offset our carbon impact by pledging to plant a tree for every project. You can track our impact by clicking on the Ecologi logo.

In 2023 we aim to continue our journey and ensure we impact positively on society and the environment. We have embarked on a journey towards B-Corp certification to demonstrate our commitment to practising ethically as a business.

We know the value that creative thinking and effective design can make. If you want to explore how both can transform your organisation. Say hello.

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