Brand Identity

Our branding process is strategic and always collaborative. We cater for start-ups with challenging budgets to organistions ambitious to reinvigorate their brand. 

Crafting brands that leave a lasting impact involves navigating a comprehensive four-step journey: research, strategy, design, and implementation. Whether you're launching a fresh venture or revitalizing an existing one, our methodology is adaptable to suit your needs.

The Process


1. Research

We ask questions, get to know your organisation, audit your current branding, evaluate your competitors, marketplace and audience to define opportunity


2. Strategy

Defining approaches and a narrative to drive values, purpose, personality, and positioning. 


3. Design

Telling your story through a crafted visual identity that underpins the narrative and inspires, resonates and communicates intent. 


4. Implementation

A brand is nothing without collateral. We deliver guidelines as well as design assets that form your brand touchpoints and help you grow your brand.

Intelligent design underpinned
with stategic thinking


Brand Refresh
Susannah Lovis Jewellers / An established business in a prestigous location reinvigorated through a brand refresh.


Orbital Materials
/ Atech start-up on the road to change material science through AI.


Brand Strategy
Fellowship Foods
/ Collaborating with a London Borough Council to echo deco roots of the Council's head office.

How much?

It's difficult to put a definite cost on a process that can vary from organisation to company. The fees below provide a guide and recognise that budgets for smaller organisations can be more challenging.

Visual Identity Sprint

Who's it for?
Ideal for start-ups and micro-businesses

The visual identity sprint is a cost-effective and rapid process that provides you with a solid base for your brand and a basic set of assets to get you up and running quickly.  

Typically includes:
+ Brand questionnaire and principal engagement
+ Simple desktop research and approach
+ Three concept approaches
+ Development & Four rounds of revisions
+ Master logo artwork for print and digital
+ Short brand guide document
+ Agreed suite of essential assets.

- Website not included

Typical cost range: up to £5,000

Bespoke Brand Process

Who's it for?
Ideal for small businesses and charity organisations

New brands, start-ups, or a brand refresh. Our more comprehensive approach takes a deeper dive with research to look at competitors, audience and opportunities. 

Typically includes:
+ Engagement with principles, staff and clients. 
+ Brand Strategy, mood boards and visual approach
Brand Identity
Brand guidelines
+ Brand asset scoping, implementation and development
+ Brand guides and master artworks for print and digital
+ Follow-up support as required.
- Website not included

Typical cost range: £5,000 - £10,000*

* We help by flexing our time, services, and deliverables depending on the scope. If you're a small organisation or start-up we want you to hit the ground from thinking about it to doing it. 

The cost of success

Branding your business is an important step to success; it's an investment in the your future and crucial to attracting people at all levels and eases the communication of your purpose as well as instilling confidence, credabiltiy and honesty. 

Get in touch if you'd like to chat about how we can help.

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